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Creative Matters: Episode 3 with Mette Hay

Mette is originally from Denmark, has travelled extensively and now finds herself in NZ. She is a mother of 2 and lives in Muriwai Beach, North West of Auckland - a place she fell in love with as soon as she arrived.

Mette's creative practice is centred in a strong belief that when the boundaries between art, design, craft and making are effaced, the potential for magic occurs; allowing the continuous experience of creating to truly thrive.

Mette is Inspired by a life’s library of living and experiencing environments and cultures throughout the world and a strong connection and respect for our natural world. She works in a variety of materials including fibre, porcelain, wood, metal and occasionally synthetics. “I have always loved the tactility of things. The need to touch, to feel the soft moss on a tree, the cluster of tiny muscle shells under my feet, a perfectly smooth, warm stone in the palm of my hand”.

Mette's immersive installations almost seem to "use sound as a new way of seeing," drawing inspiration from nature and materials. Join us for a wonderfully therapeutic conversation with artist Mette Hay.

You Are Hear - A Muriwai Symphony | An experiential installation exploring the act of embodied listening and the material alchemy of visualising the unseen.

Making Magic - the Painting | The patterns in nature both seen and unseen are magically similar. Natural sounds captured and visualised through a special technique are the basis for these ‘paintings’ which have a transparent and ephemeral quality.

Transformation | An exploration in to the transformation of sound imagery in a variety of materials using digital technologies.

All That’s Left Behind| An event-based installation that follows this artist’s search for lost creativity and a deeper understanding of what it means to live life well.

Mette mentions in the podcast some artists she admires and is inspired by:

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