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Creative Matters Episode 16 - with Amber Emm

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Amber Emm is a full time artist from the North West of Auckland NZ, currently painting stunning photo realistic floral oil paintings that celebrate contrast, colour, detail and light.

Amber took up painting in 1990 purely for pleasure and became a full time artist in 1995. Then In 1998 positive feedback from a painting demonstration encouraged her to start teaching.

Her main inspiration has been boats, the seaside and the coastal fauna and flora of New Zealand. In the last 5 years she has turned her attention to the Garden and has rediscovered a driving passion to recreate the pockets of beauty which are in our own backyards.

Amber tells a fascinating story from her days as a sign writer after high school to becoming a well known, well respected NZ artist. She has great tips about showing work, teaching and entrepreneurship and gives us a wonderful tour through her creative process.



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