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Creative Matters 
For Teachers



Professional Development and Support in Visual Art


Our interactive visual arts PD explores the benefits of developing a rich creative process of exploring, experimenting, creating, reflecting and sharing in your art programme.

Teachers are guided to experience this process first hand, discover how they can apply the techniques and approach in their classrooms and make links across the curriculum.


Develop the creative process through:

  • Painting and colour making

  • Exploring and responding to an artist and their work

  • Sculpture

  • Creating a collaborative art installation

  • Creating a school wide art exhibition 

  • Printmaking

  • Squiggla mark making

  • Customise your own with Mandy


Facilitated by Mandy Jakich

Mandy has taught in primary and intermediate schools for more than 25 years, was an Art Educator at Auckland Art Gallery for 4 years, is the Founder and CEO of Creative Matters and is a practising artist.

She has been facilitating visual arts PD courses for the last 12 years in primary and intermediate schools around Auckland, at Auckland Art Gallery, online with teachers around NZ, with beginning teachers at Kohia Centre - University of Auckland and with teachers in the holidays at Studio One, Toi Tu.

RTLB and LSC/SENCO from RTLB Cluster 12, participating in our Squiggla professional development (for Chartwell Trust) at their cluster meeting


"The role of a creative leader is not to have all the ideas; it’s to create a culture where everyone can have ideas and feel they’re valued"


Sir Ken Robinson


There are no such things as 'creatives'.

Every child, every teacher, everyone is creative. 

Peter O'Connor - Head of Critical Studies in Education, University of Auckland

IMG_6201 3.JPG

Developing the Creative Process 
Staff meetings 

Splitting the course over a number of staff meetings of 90 minutes - 2 hours works well, giving us time to refine the learning to suit your needs and for teachers to try out the ideas and techniques in their classrooms, making for an even richer learning experience.


Get in touch with Mandy to discuss your school's needs. Devise a customised programme or choose one of our PD courses that have been tried and refined and then we can modify them to suit you if necessary. We can connect the programme to your current themes and cover the visual arts skills you want to focus on. A NZ curriculum based teaching plan will be provided so your teachers can go back to their classrooms and implement their learning across the curriculum - with all the planning done!

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Developing the Creative Process 
Teacher Only Day

A mindful, therapeutic team building session much needed by busy teachers!

A 4 - 6 hour long hands-on PLD session is a great focus for a Teacher Only Day, encouraging communication and collaboration as well as the learning of new visual arts skills and approaches.

We can provide a similar service and programme as the staff meetings but all on one day over 4 - 6 hours. This is a very accessible, interactive course aimed at teachers from all levels and experiences. It's a great way for your staff to connect with colleagues and teachers will go away feeling motivated and equipped to take the learning into their classrooms.

Or you could opt for a 2 hour session as part of a range of activities.

Customised to suit.

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Developing the Creative Process LEOTC - Teacher Only Day

At Muriwai Beach \ West Auckland - A stunning black sand beach and native bush environment. We will take you on a unique professional journey to experience ways to respond to an environment creatively and critically through environmental art and photography. A wonderful mindful day of learning, making links with the curriculum, connecting with each other and improving your well being.


We will take you on a unique creative journey to experience ways to respond to an environment  through environmental art and photography. A wonderful mindful day of learning, thinking creatively and critically, connecting with each other and improving your well being.

You will learn techniques for: demonstrating a creative process; verbalising and encouraging creative and critical thinking; making environmental artworks in response to the land and nature; taking photographs that capture elements in different ways. We will make links across the curriculum and discuss ways to implement these ideas or the experience into your classroom programme.

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Developing the Creative Process
1 - 1 Support and Mentoring

Are you part of a school leadership team and need support to help make the visual arts happen in your school in a more cross curricular, creative way? Are you an ECE leader who wants to place more emphasis on creativity and the creative process? Whatever your needs, role or experience Mandy can help! 


30 minute sessions on Zoom.

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