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Creative Matters
Auahatanga Matters 

For Teachers



Professional Learning and Development in the Visual Arts

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"The professional learning that Mandy delivers, is of the highest quality.  Her delivery and engaging style, empower all staff in a positive way which reminds us that we are learners too, and that we can be successful as artists and teachers.  She provides impactful sessions that are bespoke to our school's needs.  A session with Mandy invigorates our team every time and we look forward to each impactful session.  This PLD is exceptional and Mandy's experience and passion are the reason why." 

Grey Lynn School Principal Alicia Whata

PLD priorities



  • emanates from ako

  • focuses on learners as learners

  • focuses on teacher competence and confidence

  • focuses on teacher inclinations and dispositions

  • is authentic

  • captures tamaiti, whānau, hapū, and community voice

  • captures ākonga potential and talent

  • informs planning and required targeted assistance


  • understanding, valuing and amplifying different world views, perspectives, experiences, and measures of success.

  • recognises diversity of identities



  • develops understandings of histories through the study of artists, art movements, artworks and art themes.

Creativity now is as important in education as literacy

and we should treat it with the same status.

Sir Ken Robinson

visual arts

linked with literacy, Maths, technology

visual arts

  • Developing practical knowledge 

  • Developing ideas 

  • Communicating and interpreting

  • Understanding the visual arts in context


connecting to

Through exploring artists, artworks, art movements and genres. Through sharing, reflecting, observing, recording and presenting.

  • Listening, reading, viedwing, speaking, writing, presenting

  • Storytelling

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connecting to technology
Through sculpture, construction and installation

  • Technological knowledge, Technological practice

connecting to numeracy 
Through the exploration of shape, pattern, sculpture, form and composition

  • Geometry and Measurement strands

There are no such things as 'creatives'.

Every child, every teacher, everyone is creative. 

Peter O'Connor - Head of Critical Studies in Education, University of Auckland

PLD options

Our interactive visual arts PLD explores how to develop a rich creative process of exploring, experimenting, creating, reflecting and sharing, with a focus on the process as much as the product. Exit cookie cutter art and enter creativity!

Teachers are guided to experience this process first hand, develop their practical knowledge, discover how they can apply the techniques and approach in their classrooms and make links across the curriculum.


Customised PLD that is designed to fit your specific needs and curriculum focus.


Painting and

colour making

Learn easy ways to set up for painting, learn painting techniques and explore ways to develop the colour making process.


Exploring an artist and responding to their artwork

Learn techniques for exploring an artist, talking about and interpreting their work, developing practical knowledge and responding to the artist's ideas in individual ways.

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Creating a cross curricular art exhibition

Create a cross curricular school wide art exhibition celebrating the entire creative process as well as the final artworks.

Creating a mural 

Are you in charge of creating a mural with ākonga and need some guidance or support? Do you want us to facilitate a mural creation or art installation in your school?

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Introducing Squiggla

(A Chartwell Trust programme) 

Creative visual thinking activities using free flow, abstract, playful mark making to exercise the creative mind. A fantastic option for class teachers, RTLB, teacher aides and SENCO.

Creating collaborative art installations

Teachers will create the beginning of an art installation for the school, learning about all the considerations needed for creating an installation and practical skills for making. Then the learning will be taken to their ākonga to continue the collaboration journey.


Exploring printmaking

Learn practical techniques in printmaking methods of your choice and ways to develop the process:

  • etching

  • mono printmaking

  • linocut

  • collograph (cardboard)

  • woodcut

Talking about Art

Communicating and Interpreting - Develop creative and critical thinking skills and strategies for:

  • looking closely at artworks

  • making predictions and comparisons

  • identifying symbols, art elements and features

  • discussing thoughts and reactions

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1-1 or small group mentoring

Do you have a new role in visual arts and need support? Do you need a refresh or support with visual arts techniques or developing the creative process? Mandy can help.

  • 1 hour Zoom meetings at your choice of time for as long as you need!

  • At your school




A mindful, therapeutic team building session much needed by busy teachers!

A 2 hour, 4 hour or 6 hour long hands-on PLD session is a great focus for a Teacher Only Day, encouraging communication and collaboration as well as the learning of new visual arts skills and approaches.

We can provide a similar service and programme to the staff meetings but all on one day. This is a very accessible, interactive course aimed at teachers from all levels and experiences. It's a great way for your staff to connect with colleagues and teachers will go away feeling motivated and equipped to take the learning into their classrooms.

Customised to suit.

Staff meeting

After school staff meeting 90 minutes.

This could be a one off session although we recommend opting for 2 - 4 sessions to get the most out of the PLD and for kaiako to have time to take the learning back to their akonga. There will be a sharing and reflecting time at the beginning of each session.

Mandy will work with you to create a plan for each session that best meets your needs and focus areas.

Choose a course from our selection above or we can customise to suit.

KĀhui Ako

conference or meeting


A wonderful way for teachers/schools to connect across your kāhui ako.

A 1 -3 hour hour long hands-on PLD session is a great option for a Kāhui Ako conference workshop. 

We can customise to suit your needs or adapt a bespoke session from our recommended workshops for your time frame and number of participants.

Mandy can come to a Kāhui meeting to introduce Creative Matters PLD and support in the visual arts. Cross curricular with a foucs on developing the entire creative process.

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