Creative Matters 

For Teachers

Professional Development and Support in the Visual Arts

Facilitated by Mandy Jakich


Mandy has taught in Primary and Intermediate schools for more than 25 years, was an Art Educator at Auckland Art Gallery for 4 years, is the Founder and CEO of Creative Matters and is a practising artist.

Mandy has facilitated visual arts courses in Primary and Intermediate schools around Auckland, Online courses with teachers around NZ, Beginning Teacher Courses at Kohia Centre - University of Auckland and Courses with teachers in the holidays at Studio One, Toi Tu.


"The role of a creative leader is not to have all the ideas; it’s to create a culture where everyone can have ideas and feel they’re valued"


Sir Ken Robinson

Our PLD motivates, empowers and enables primary teachers to teach visual arts in a way that stimulates their students to think creatively and critically, giving children rich opportunities to:

  • observe closely

  • respond and reflect

  • collaborate

  • take risks

  • solve problems

  • refine and modify techniques

  • make decisions

  • express themselves

  • create unique artworks


Encouraging Creativity in a Cross Curricular Way through the Visual Arts

5 Professional Learning Options


Staff Meetings at your school

Splitting the course over consecutive sessions of two hours works well - giving us time to refine the learning to suit your needs and for teachers to try out the ideas and techniques in their classrooms, making for an even richer learning experience.


Staff Meetings Online

Online via Zoom for a small group of teachers (no more than 6) at 2 - 4 staff meetings. Teachers will go through the same process as face-face PD but you will supply the materials, the space and the big screen. Accessible for all schools around NZ and a cheaper option!


Teacher Only Day

A 4 - 6 hour long hands-on PLD session is a great addition to a Teacher Only Day, encouraging communication and collaboration as well as the learning of new skills and approaches. And so good for the wellbeing of your teachers!


LEOTC Teacher Only Day

At Muriwai Beach \ West Auckland - A stunning black sand beach and native bush environment. We will take you on a unique professional journey to experience ways to respond to an environment creatively and critically through environmental art and photography. A wonderful mindful day of learning, connecting with each other and improving your well being.


1-1 Customised Support

Are you in charge of the visual arts in a primary or intermediate school and don't know where to start or need support? Are you part of a school leadership team and need support to help make the visual arts happen in your school in a more cross curricular, creative way? Are you an ECE leader who wants to place more emphasis on creativity? Whatever your needs, role or experience Mandy can help!  30 minute sessions on Zoom.

Developing the Creative Process 
Staff meetings 


Get in touch with Mandy to discuss your school's needs. Devise a customised programme or choose one of our PD courses that have been tried and refined and then we can modify them if we need to! We can connect the programme to your current themes and cover the visual arts skills you want to focus on. And a NZ curriculum based teaching plan will be provided so your teachers can go back to their classrooms and implement their learning across the curriculum - with all the planning done!

St Mary's School in Ellerslie, Auckland - 2021


Thanks Mandy for facilitating a well organised and engaging staff meeting for my staff. It was wonderful to see such practical art ideas and tips that can be used back in the classroom.

Sue Kubala


Holy Cross School, Papatoetoe, Auckland - 2021

This course changed my mindset towards visual arts dramatically. Knowing now to encourage our art to be unique, not the usual formulaic approach. Teacher Holy Cross

It was an awesome PD that I want to continue throughout my teaching career. Teacher Holy Cross

Can't wait to try this with my class next term - Ann O'Grady

You have empowered me to take more risks, explore and try out different techniques. Mandy is so professional, patient, encouraging and content/delivery is on point! Hope we get you back! Teacher Holy Cross

Pakuranga Heights School, Auckland - 2021


I first heard of Mandy and Creative Matters through social media and I liked the artistic approaches that were shared on these platforms.  


Originally, I contacted Mandy on the premise that we would organise some staff PD on art processes and skill development. However, our school needs changed, as we were going to embark on creating outdoor art installations. 


Mandy was very accommodating with this change of direction and even though it wasn't her usual approach to art, she was very flexible and brought her creative thinking to meet our school's new needs and direction.  


Mandy provided us with lesson plans  and staff PD to support the development for creating outdoor installations and the processes that we could potentially go through with our classes to support them in creating a final product but still providing a rich development of ideas.  

From working with Mandy, who is an effective communicator, I was able to see the value in the process of art and to consider all aspects of the arts achievement objectives which I think, quite often get neglected by teachers but are so vitally important in creating connected, collaborative life long learners that are able to think critically and creatively

Vanessa Roscoe | Art Lead Teacher | Pakuranga Heights School

St Mary's Ellerslie, Second series of courses - 2022

Review to come soon!


Arahoe School, Auckland - 2022

IMG_7745 5.jpg

Review coming soon!

Developing the Creative Process
Teacher Only Day


We can provide a similar service and programme as the staff meetings but all on one day over 4.5 hours. This is a very accessible, interactive course aimed at teachers from all levels and is a great way for your staff to connect with colleagues. Teachers will go away feeling motivated and equipped to take the learning into their classrooms. AND it's a very mindful, therapeutic session much needed by busy teachers!


Thank you Mandy for the wonderful art workshop you ran at our school recently.  The teachers were engaged and highly motivated as evidenced by the  way the majority of our staff utilised all they learnt with you  into their classroom programmes immediately. 
They enjoyed the way you delivered your programme, and also the freedom you gave them to be creative while also learning some basic paint techniques. All were impressed with how the session catered for all levels of expertise.  They are looking forward to having another session with you.

Denise Haven, Deputy Principal, Waitakere Primary School

Developing the Creative Process
ONLINE - Zoom Staff Meetings


We can provide a similar service and programme as the staff meetings but online for a maximum of 6 teachers at a time.


We will facilitate the course via Zoom at a time that works for you. Teachers will work alongside Mandy in the same way as our other courses. This allows schools and teachers from all over NZ to participate in our well respected PD without having to travel and provides a good option in COVID times. Teachers can even join in from home with the staff based at school if necessary!

We will provide you with a list of materials and equipment you need (to purchase or gather from your existing art resources) and teachers will set themselves up in a space that allows them to work through the creative process and create while watching the screen when applicable. Still a very interactive, rich experience for your staff.

"I would highly recommend your online PD for all teachers.  Even teachers that have been teaching visual arts for a number of years.  The knowledge that you have as a classroom practitioner and your ability to cater to a variety of skills levels amongst the kaiako is awesome.  You made all members of our group feel successful and to see themselves as artists.  You have also created a number of highly engaged students who are now viewing themselves as successful artists."

Ramia Honatana, Deputy Principal


Developing the Creative Process
LEOTC - Teacher Only Day



At Muriwai Beach \ West Auckland - A stunning black sand beach and native bush environment.


We will take you on a unique professional journey to experience ways to respond to an environment creatively and critically through environmental art and photography. A wonderful mindful day of learning, connecting with each other and improving your well being.

You will learn techniques for: demonstrating a creative process; verbalising and encouraging creative and critical thinking; making environmental artworks in response to the land and nature; taking photographs that capture elements in different ways. We will make links across the curriculum and discuss ways to implement these ideas or the experience into your classroom programme.

We will develop understandings of visual arts elements and principles:

  • form

  • space

  • texture

  • composition

  • scale

  • shape, line, pattern

  • colour

  • contrast

  • materiality

  • balance

Orakei School, Auckland


We were all inspired in so many ways and the team came away feeling relaxed and motivated. Thank you for sharing your knowledge around the creative process and making clear links to all areas of the curriculum.You certainly are part of the Orakei Family now :)

Fehm Hussain | DP Orakei School


Developing the Creative Process
1 - 1 Suport and Mentoring


I'm the across school release teacher, and am lucky enough to teach the arts to all our students. I approached Mandy for some 1:1 PD sessions because she had previously worked with our school, and the staff have such great feedback about her. My first session with Mandy was everything I had hoped it would be. I was inspired, motivated and I had 'lightbulb' moments which have already changed my planning and improved my philosophy. I cannot wait to have my next session with Mandy and learn even more.


Suzie Espie | Arts Lead | Glenavon School