Why the Podcast?

To support, encourage, inspire, inform, motivate and educate people in New Zealand and around the world, wherever they are in their creative journey.

Mandy has conversations with new, emerging and established artists from New Zealand.

"I love to listen to artists’ stories for inspiration and ideas. And maybe you do too! Which is why I’ve created this podcast - to inspire, inform and educate – I hope you can take away something positive and encouraging from each of these amazing stories” - Mandy Jakich

This podcast is for people of any age and stage who are artists, who like to make and create or need inspiration to make and create. People who like to listen to stories about other people’s creative journeys, lives, creative process and artistic practice.



See our Blog to access all podcast episodes and a blogpost for each guest with images of their artwork and relevant links. 

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Our Wonderful Podcast Guests