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Why the Podcast?

To support, encourage, inspire, inform, promote, motivate and educate people in New Zealand and around the world, wherever they are in their creative journey.

I have conversations with new, emerging and established artists from New Zealand.

I love to listen to artists’ stories for inspiration and ideas. And maybe you do too! I hope you can take away something positive and encouraging from each of these amazing stories.


Get involved

Are you a Gallerist or an Artist wanting to promote a show? Or an artist with a great story and interesting art practice you'd like to share? Or an art business you think our audience would be interested in?

Support the Show

Sponsor 1 - 3 episodes or promote your Aotearoa art related business in your own episode 


Donate $3, $5, $8 or $10 a month to support costs of producing the show


See our Blog to access all podcast episodes and a blogpost for each guest with images of their artwork and relevant links. 

Our Wonderful Guests

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