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Creative Matters with Michelle Reid

EPISODE 29: Michelle Reid is a painter living in Riverhead, Auckland. She graduated with a Bachelor of Textile Design from Massey University in 2001 and worked in the textile industry for 8 years in both NZ and London.

In 2019 she gained a Postgraduate Diploma from Elam School of Fine Arts with Distinction - at the same time as raising her 2 young children.

An eclectic mix of written, visual, and intuitive information, inform her painting practise. Michelle is currently working with Romantic art theories, ideas of regrowth in the post-human ‘novel’

landscape, and reconnecting with pattern in painting. Michelle also draws much of her inspiration from American abstract expressionist painter Helen Frankenthaler.

Michelle paints with oil on wood or reassembled canvas off-cuts, and watercolour on paper.

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Disobedient Patterns

Visual Research Paper Studies

Atmospheric Disquiet (Elam Art Show 2019)

Mentioned in this episode:

Agnes Martin

Josef Frank

Writers Tonino Griffero and Sabrina Orah Mark

Lee Ufan

Ukiyo-e (Japanese floating world)

Toi Poto mentorship programme

Brown School of Art

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