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Murals in communities

Murals in Communities

Bringing art to your community. Creating beautiful works for the public to positively connect and interact with and empowering artists to take on new projects with support.

Mural for the People
Kumeu Arts 2022
Supported by Creative Communities AKL
Tapa 2021/2022
Helensville Primary School
Supported by Creatives in Schools
Mural at Sand Dunz Cafe at Muriwai Beach, Auckland, July 2021 Supported by Muriwai Arts and Creative Matters

State Highway 16, Huapai, NZ
Artist Project 2020 with Auckland Council


Kumeu Arts Mural with local artists 2020
Supported by Kumeu Arts and Creative Matters


Matua Ngaru School, Kumeu, NZ
Children's Project 2019


Kumeu Arts, Kumeu NZ
Children's Project 2018
Supported by Kumeu Arts and Creative Matters


Muriwai Beach Skate Park, Muriwai NZ
Teen Project 2018
Supported by Creative Matters

Funded Programmes for Children

After School

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We are very proud to have been able to offer fully funded after school art classes to some schools and some individuals. In 2019 Rosebank School (Avondale), Avondale Primary School, Glenavon School (Blockhouse Bay), Waimauku School and Onehunga Primary School participated in these funded programmes.​ Our sincere thanks to Creative Communities Scheme, Auckland. 

The Chartwell Trust has supported 4 children each term for 2 years to participate in an art class after school at Helensville School. We are very grateful for this generous support to bring creative opportunities to children aged 6 - 13 from the Helensville area, north west of Auckland.


This is a funded programme generously supported by Chartwell Trust that encourages communicating and interpreting in the visual arts.

using an artist's artwork (in a suitcase!). Year 5 and 6 children from12 West Auckland schools were involved 2022/2023.

Funded Programmes
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