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Creative Matters Online

Food Glorious Food Online Art Course

This is a child centred, fun and interactive online course perfectly suited to children aged 6 - 14.

A paid subscription programme at a cost of only $97 for hours of fun and creativity.


Our course includes 17 instructional videos created and presented by Mandy (CEO), links, images, presentations and learning intentions, as well as a materials list which you can source from home, purchase online or from a local store.

Children can independently work their way through the lessons at their own pace, with no time restrictions.

FREE Creative Online Lessons on our You Tube Channel - Creative Matters NZ

These mini creative sessions are intended to inspire children to think creatively as well as learn some visual arts skills. Children are encouraged to respond to and approach the creative projects in their own way, as opposed to us presenting a step by step 'follow the expert' approach.


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After School Art Programmes

BOOK NOW for Term 3 July 27th - September 24th | $270 per term

To book: find your venue below and then click on the day you want and you will be taken through to our booking system.

Children will be met by their educator at 3pm (at school venues and Oranga School only) for a supervised 30 minute afternoon tea break. Classes start at 3.30pm and finish at 5pm.

We would like to offer families who had children participating in term 1 a credit on your term 3 booking, for the 2 classes missed due to COVID lockdown. If you would like a credit please make your booking and then email Suze to let her know so your credit can be organised before payment is made.

Term 3 After School - 

Drawing & Shading Techniques

Term 3's after school focus will extend children who feel comfortable with drawing and give confidence and skills to children who are not so sure.


We will explore realistic drawing with a focus on light, shadow, shading and perspective, developing techniques and experiences using graphite pencil, charcoal, watercolours and inks. We'll also explore and develop amazing imaginative drawings using pencils.

Our educational, creative art classes value the entire creative process, allowing opportunities for individuality, creative thinking, exploring, experimenting, reflecting, sharing as well as creating. Run at schools and community venues around Auckland NZ.

Please find your venue below and click on the day you want. You will then be taken through to our booking system where you can enrol/book and pay online if you want to.


Holiday Art Programmes

Way more than your average holiday programme, our Auckland based art classes are educational with a focus on a rich development of the creative process, encouraging individual creativity and artistic interpretation as well as time to explore and experiment with ideas and visual arts techniques. 

Venues in Kumeu, Herne Bay and Kohimarama 

$88 per day, including all  materials

From 9am - 3pm 
For children 5 - 13 years 

​Bring an old art shirt, lunch, snacks, water, a hat and a book 

Holiday Art Programmes

Holiday Art Programmes

Our popular programmes run every term school holiday, Christmas and Summer in Kumeu | Herne Bay | Kohimarama | 9am - 3pm


$88 per day including all materials | Days vary for each venue

Our Holiday Art Programmes are not your average holiday programme, they are much more than that.


Our workshops are: 

  • Designed to encourage children to think creatively and critically

  • Written and planned by our CEO who has 30 years of teaching and art education experience

  • Education based

  • Taught by lovely practising artists and experienced educators/teachers

  • Fun, creative and inspiring for children

  • A calm, positive environment for your children to thrive

Term 2 Holiday Programme July 6 - July 17th 

KUMEU ARTS: Monday, Thursday and Friday both weeks

COX'S BAY PAVILION in Herne Bay: Monday - Thursday both weeks and Fridays both weeks at BAYFIELD SCHOOL

KOHIMARAMA Presbyterian Church: Wednesday - Friday both weeks


Love your Animal

Monday July 6th

Choose your favourite animal and create a beautiful colourful artwork Inspired by Australian artist Karin Zellar, using striking oil pastels in different ways.


Explore and learn about animal shapes, design, pastel techniques, composition and use of colour and pattern. 

Kumeu and Herne Bay

Totally Toadstools

Wednesday July 8th

Create an amazing artwork using sgraffito techniques and colourful oil pastels, paint and dyes inspired by the gorgeous work of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.

Explore and learn about toadstool shapes (then make up your own!), sgraffito, painting techniques, pattern and colour. 

Kohi and Herne Bay

Nikau Husk Painting

Friday July 10th

This workshop is back by popular demand!


Create a uniquely NZ artwork for the wall made out of nikau husks and paint.

Explore and learn about pattern, shape, composition, painting techniques and design.

Kumeu, Kohi and Herne Bay

Butterflies and Beetles

Tuesday July 14th

Create a giant painted beetle or butterfly using recycled cardboard, of your own fantasy design or a realistic version.

Explore and learn about 3D construction, tricks for creating a symmetrical object, pattern, shape and colour - as well as butterflies and beetles! A cool 3D object for your bedroom wall.

Herne Bay only

Shadow Drawing

Thursday July 16th

Learn about amazing ways to trace an object using light and shadow, creating 4 different artworks using 4 different media (watercolour paint, watercolour pencils, graphite and black ball point pen).

Explore and learn about pen, pencil and watercolour techniques.

Kumeu, Kohi and Herne Bay

Painted Collage Landscapes

Tuesday July 7th

Make beautiful painted papers and create a stunning collage landscape artwork, using acrylic paint and inks.

Explore different landscapes, perspective, overlapping techniques, composition and colour making (including tints and shades)

Herne Bay only

Yummy Ice Cream Sundaes

Thursday July 9th

Have fun exploring all sorts of delicious ice cream sundae styles and flavours then draw your very own dream sundae oil pastel artwork.

Then create a yummy 3D sundae, learning how to paper maché a bamboo plate, make ice cream scoops with paper and paper mache and the yummiest decorations you've ever seen!

Kumeu, Kohi and Herne Bay 

Raining Cats and Dogs

Monday July 13th

Create the cutest little 3D cats and/or dogs out of recycled tubes, cardboard, recycled bottles, and paper maché -  painted and decorated in your own unique way.


Explore and learn about 3D construction, paper maché, painting and mixed media techniques and design.

Kumeu and Herne Bay

Zany Lines and Curves

Wednesday July 15th

Inspired by the incredible happy work of American artist Jen Stark, explore ways to draw lines upon lines and curves upon curves, to create an awesome colourful 3D artwork.

Explore and learn about concentric lines, use of colour, dye/oil pastel/ink techniques, composition and 3D construction.

Kohi and Herne Bay

Garden Poles

Friday July 17th

This workshop is back due to popular demand! Make a stunning garden pole (your first or to add to your collection) to compliment your or your loved one's garden, inspired by the colour and pattern work of American artist Jason Woodside.

Explore and learn about painting, colour, pattern and design.

Kumeu, Kohi and Herne Bay

Click on the venue button below to book your workshops through our booking system.

North Shore

Chelsea Primary, Chatswood

Classes in Space 6

Northcote Primary, Northcote
Room 20 (Te Whare)

The Rose Centre, Belmont
ECE Centre

Central Auckland

Bayfield School, Herne Bay
Classes are in Room 3

Grey Lynn School
Classes are in Room 2

Marist Herne Bay
Classes in Room 3

Onehunga Community House
Onehunga Primary School children will be met by their educator Vanessa at 3pm at the school and walked to the venue next door. Meet in the office on the first day.

Oranga Community Centre,
Oranga School children will meet at ROOM 18 at 3pm and walk to the venue with our educator. Pick up from Kelly Elrick Room, at the centre.

Orakei School
Room 03

Pt Chev Community Centre
3.30pm - 5.00pm
​In the Lounge space

West Auckland

Helensville School
Classes are in Room 8

Hobsonville Point Primary


Matua Ngaru, Huapai
Auaha Art (downstairs)

Waimauku School
Room 29


Private Tuition

We can cater for your child's or teen's specific artistic and creative  needs.

Our Private Art Tuition is a special individualised programme set up to:

  • Give children and teens who LOVE ART an opportunity to work one on one with an artist, developing the areas they are interested in

  • Cater for the needs of young people who show special talent in the visual arts and need extending

  • Cater for children and teenagers who have specific areas of the visual arts they would like to develop

  • Support teenagers in the creation of their NCEA visual arts portfolios and boards​​


Mandy Jakich CEO



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