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Squiggla: Visual arts PD course for teachers

Updated: Jun 26, 2023


Squiggla is an offline and online tool designed to exercise and develop our creative thinking skills, without pressure or expectation. Using the technique of mark making – marks, dots and lines – Squiggla is an efficient and accessible way to become more creative.

In this professional development course Mandy leads teachers through the Squiggla programme in an interactive way and teachers participate in many of the creative activities Squiggla provides.

Your teachers will experiment with a variety of media such as painting, collage and drawing using pastels, paint, Indian ink, mixed media, watercolour pencils, white/charcoal and graphite pencils, dyes on different papers - discovering first hand how this process makes them think, both creatively and critically.

We explore the online classroom art gallery on the Squiggla app, where students' work can be uploaded, celebrated and shared with whanau and across classes and dive deep into the amazing practical, step by step resources Squiggla offers.

Sharing and reflecting with Mandy's guidance helps teachers to celebrate their work, gain confidence, develop a visual language, make connections with the curriculum, identify similarities and differences, observe closely and get inspired.

This Squiggla PD session:

  • is great for your teachers' well being

  • is practical and easy to implement in the classroom

  • encourages and empowers teachers to teach visual art

  • develops practical knowledge in the visual arts

  • develops skills and techniques for teachers to encourage their students to think creatively

Our PD rate is $650 + GST and travel for a staff meeting/session. Get in touch by email for more info or to book your staff in for a session

Squiggla is a project developed by the Chartwell Trust and supported by Te Rito Toi and CAST: The Centre for Arts and Social Transformation at the University of Auckland.

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