Holiday Art Classes

Term 3 Programme


Term 3's after school focus will extend children who feel comfortable with drawing and give confidence and skills to children who are not so sure.


We will explore realistic drawing with a focus on light, shadow, shading and perspective, developing techniques and experiences using graphite pencil, charcoal, watercolours and inks. We'll also explore and develop amazing imaginative drawings using pencils.

To Book

Find your nearest venue below and then click on the day you want and you will be taken through to our booking system.

Children will be met by their educator at 3pm at school venues for a supervised 30 minute afternoon tea break. Classes start at 3.30pm and finish at 5pm.



Holiday Art Programmes

Way more than your average holiday programme, our Auckland based art classes are educational with a focus on a rich development of the creative process, encouraging individual creativity and artistic interpretation as well as time to explore and experiment with ideas and visual arts techniques. 

$88 per day, including all  materials

From 9am - 3pm 
For children 5 - 13 years 

​Bring an old art shirt, lunch, snacks, water, a hat and a book 

Our Workshops Are:

  • Designed to encourage children to think creatively and critically

  • Limited to 12 children per workshop

  • Education based - Written and planned by our CEO who has 30 years of teaching and art education experience

  • Taught by practising artists and experienced educators/teachers

  • Fun, creative and inspiring for children

  • A calm, positive environment for your children to thrive

We are sad to say our October Holiday Art Programme is cancelled due to COVID Lockdown levels

We hope you can join us for our Christmas and Summer Holiday programmes 

December 15th - 17th

January 24th - February 4th

Programmes will be announced and bookings open mid term 4

We currently have 5 venues across Auckland and are growing into new communities each term. 
Kumeu - Kumeu Arts
Herne Bay - Cox's Bay Pavilion
Kohimarama - Kohimarama Presbyterian Church Hall
Mt Eden - Melville Cricket Pavilion
Birkenhead - Birkenhead Library Community Room

Lines and Dots Abstract Painting

Explore the beautiful works of Indigenous Australians as well as other artists who use dots and lines in their work such as Yayoi Kusama. Experiment with abstract ideas, painting techniques, colour making and composition. Create 2 stunning abstract paintings incorporating awesome lines, dots, shapes and patterns.

Good Perspective

Learn about drawing buildings with a 3D perspective using lines and overlapping techniques. Experiment with building and house shapes, patterns and compositions. Create a beautiful drawing of many buildings together using lines and black ink then create your own funky skies above with oil pastels and baby oil for blending.

Alphabet Poster

Create an amazing original alphabet poster out of inks and watercolour pencils that expresses your own identity and all the things that are part of your world. Create 26 boxes from A - Z and create one drawing or word for each box that means something to you. Learn water colour techniques using oil for blending and smudging. Best suited for older children.

Mexican Mandalas

Explore Mexican Mandalas and identify their features of symmetry, repeated shapes, balance, contrast, pattern and composition. Experiment with drawing designs, developing ideas and adding colour. Using a shiny CD as the middle feature, make and use stencils to repeat shapes and create your own beautiful colourful Mandela using inks, collage and dyes.

Brilliantly Britto

Discover the happy pop art paintings and sculptures of Brazilian artist Romero Britto. Explore and experiment with simple shapes, patterns and themes. Design and draw your own composition that means something to you and create a vibrant ink, oil pastel and dye artwork.

Quirky Characters

Explore a variety of cool as cartoony characters and experiment with creating your own unique characters as well as possible features, patterns, shapes and personalities (maybe some quirky names too!) Using narrow panels of brown paper, draw and then paint in a part of your character to create a series of paintings for your bedroom wall.

NZ Landscapes

Inspired by one of NZ's most important artist's Don Binney, we will explore his artworks as well as techniques for drawing a landscape and NZ birds. We'll experiment with drawing overlapping land features and NZ birds then create a stunning landscape painting and separate bird painting which will be cut out and added into the landscape.

Folk Art 'Bark' Paintings

Explore folk art drawings and ideas and the process of Amate Bark painting. We will learn techniques for softening brown paper to make it feel like a natural cloth. Experiment with creating folk inspired drawings then design and paint your own designs using patterns, animals and plants. Unique pieces of art that will be treasured for years to come!

Be Still Life

Learn graphite pencil techniques for creating depth and perspective using line and shading and draw beautiful observational drawings of vessels and objects. Then cut them out and place them on to your painted table with 2 walls behind. Great visual arts learning for older children.

Beautiful Butterflies

Look closely at different butterflies and their features and shapes. Experiment with drawing different butterfly designs. Create beautiful printed and collaged papers then cut them up to create symmetrical designs on your butterfly and finish off with acrylic paint and ink with an incredible melted crayon background.