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Holiday Art Programmes

More than ever our children need opportunities to get creative, connect with others and have fun in a new environment. Our holiday workshops provide a safe and happy place for your children. 

Way more than your average holiday programme, our Auckland based art classes are educational with a focus on a rich development of the creative process, encouraging individual creativity and artistic interpretation as well as time to explore and experiment with ideas and visual arts techniques. We believe in the benefits of vertical age grouping and cater for the individual needs and developmental stages of each child.

$88 per day

including all materials

from 9am - 3pm

for children aged 5 - 13

Our workshops are:

  • Perfect for children who love to create

  • Designed to encourage children to think creatively and critically

  • Limited to 13 children per workshop with 1 educator

  • Education based - workshops are written by a qualified primary school teacher

  • Taught by practising artists and experienced educators/teachers

  • Fun, creative and inspiring for children

  • A calm, positive environment for your children to thrive

Please read through the different workshops below then click on the button showing your choice of venue to book and pay. Please note, venues available listed on each workshop.

Please note:

Our art classes are designed for children who are interested in art and who are capable of focusing for 6 hours on a creative project (with breaks of course). Please ensure your child is interested in the projects you have chosen together. If you are booking in a 5 year old, please make sure they are up to working in this way for a whole day.



Bookings now open
for our July holiday programme

Click on the text in the box showing your preferred venue to be taken to Enrolmy where you can book.

Scroll down further to read about the exciting holiday workshops being held on each day.

July Holidays Art Workshops 
July 8th - 19th 

Monday 8th July

Mixed Media Fancy Dress

Herne Bay, Kumeu, Takapuna, Kohimarama, Ponsonby

Combine your own sketches or collages of people with a range of exciting materials in this mixed media project. Create an unlimited series of cards showcasing 'paper dolls' wearing super cool custom made costumes, designed by you! Develop your people sketching and/or combining images skills and discover different ways to use tissue paper, wool, ribbon, string, fabric and more - scrunch, fold, pleat, tie and twist bits to create groovy outfits for your little peeps.

Please BYO materials to upcycle if you have some!

Lets play collage fancy dress!.jpeg

Wednesday 10th July

Imaginary Cities

Herne Bay, Kumeu, Takapuna, Kohimarama, Mt Eden, Hillsborough, Ponsonby

Create a fantastical cityscape on card in this mixed media sculpture workshop. Combine pieces of cardboard with our favourite brightly coloured foam clay and miscellaneous papers to sculpt the city of your dreams.


Problem solve as you make connections between pieces to ensure a solid freestanding composition. Finish the session with an awesome A3 sgraffito imaginery cityscape using pastel and paint.

Feel free to BYO recycled cardboard tubes or boxes!


Friday 12th July

Lovely Livias

Herne Bay, Takapuna, Mt Eden, Hillsborough

In this drawing workshop, trade in your average black and white still lifes for something much more exciting and funky!

Create artworks based on the awesome high contrast still life style of Livia Falcaru.


Develop your observational drawing skills and sketch what you see,  represent light and shadow and use a fun cartoony line technique using poppy pastels on black paper.

Then create your own imagined dream still life collections of your favourite objects.


Wednesday 17th July

Crazy for Cupcakes

Herne Bay, Kumeu, Takapuna, Kohimarama, Mt Eden

It wouldn’t be a Creative Matters holiday programme without some sort of adorable clay creation! These holidays transform a small glass jar into a good-enough-to-eat clay cupcake. Create a base using air dry clay with acrylic paint, then ice the cupcake and add sprinkles, fruit and other scrumptious toppings using our new favourite bright foam clay and mixed media.


Then create an A3 painted artwork of your dream cupcakes, donuts or cakes inspired by the delicious works of Wayne Thiebaud.

BYO small glass jar (no taller than 15cm


Friday 19th July

Fantastical Villages

Takapuna, Herne Bay

In this fantastic fantasy drawing workshop, explore alternative ways to draw buildings, roads, trees and landscapes inspired by the fascinating styles of artists such as Lisa Congdon and Hundertwasser.


Discover a range of techniques for using dye, ink, pastel and awesome white crayon wax resist to bring it all to life. Fill an A3 page with busy sketches, intricate patterns and bright and bold colourful dyes. 

A masterpiece for your bedroom or a gift for a loved one!


Tuesday 9th July

Bugs Bugs Bugs

Herne Bay, Kumeu, Takapuna, Kohimarama, Mt Eden, Hillsborough


In this mixed media workshop, turn creepy crawlies into creative crawlies! Spend the first half of the day exploring and drawing simple bugs then dive into an awesome range of mixed media bits and pieces  - transform bubble wrap and tissue paper into delicate wings, buttons and beads into spots and eyes, pipe cleaners and wire into crawling legs or antennae.


Compose a series of bugs sitting together on a piece of card and then also create a dye and ink artwork of your choice of bugs, insects or butterflies.

Please BYO materials to upcycle if you can!


Thursday 11th July

Shapes, Dots and Lines

Herne Bay, Kumeu, Takapuna, Kohimarama, Mt Eden, Ponsonby, Hillsborough

Create a stunning and detailed A3 artwork filled with irregular shapes and intricate patterns using a range of wet media. Discover dye, watercolour and ink application techniques as you fill a page with shapes inside shapes inside shapes, then fill those with teeny tiny patterns.


Level up your paint brushing and drawing skills to apply the fine details and add pops of high contrast colour with cotton buds to finish it off.


Monday 15th July & Tuesday 16th July


Saint Phalle Super Sculptures

Herne Bay, Kumeu, Takapuna, Kohimarama, Mt Eden, Ponsonby*

We are excited to bring you a 2 day workshops incorporating papier maché, design, drawing and painting - something we could never do in a one day workshop.


Take inspiration from the incredible giant sculptures of Niki de Saint Phalle, adding shapes using tin foil, applying papier mache to give it strength and structure. Then in day 2 design and paint your artwork bringing it to life with bright, bold and beautiful colours and patterns.

BYO plastic bottle of any shape (approx 750mls - 1L)

*this workshop will be held on Monday and Wednesday at Ponsonby


Thursday 18th July

Mixed Media Gardens

Herne Bay, Kumeu, Takapuna, Kohimarama, Mt Eden, Ponsonby

In this mixed media workshop, discover a wide range of art making techniques as you create a stunning A3 garden artwork.


Use dye for a background of flowers, beautiful plants, butterflies and anything else you. can dream up for your garden. Then sketch and cut out a range of garden critters, extra flowers and garden details to collage on to your painting.


Learn acrylic painting and colour mixing skills to bring your painting to life and add final touches with tissue paper collage and sparkly bits.

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