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Setting up for painting and colour making - PD Course for teachers

Does setting up for painting in your classroom feel daunting?

Have you ever been taught actual painting and colour making techniques so you can teach your students?

In this interactive, practical after school staff meeting visual arts PD Mandy, CEO of Creative Matters, will take you through simple step by step ways to easily manage a painting session with your class, organise painting materials and teach colour making techniques. Teachers will explore a number of painting experiences that consolidate these skills and encourage creative thinking, with an emphasis on the creative process.

Throughout the session we will:

  • make links to visual arts achievement objectives

  • make links across the curriculum

  • discuss display ideas

  • reflect and share

  • connect with others through art making

Exploring different themes and techniques for making colours, allowing for creative thinking and individuality

  • Developing a visual language

  • Developing practical knowledge with a focus on composition, scale, form, space.

Allowing for different approaches and learning styles.

Giving teachers an opportunity to try things themselves so they can learn new skills, get creative, share and discuss their work and empathise with how their students may feel

Some lovely teachers from Hauraki School let me know what they enjoyed about this PD session:

  • Learning ways to manage a class with paint. Different colouring mixing options (Low floor, high ceiling) Accessible and enjoyable to all ages and skill levels

  • Just getting to do a PD that is interactive and I get to do some art.

  • Experimenting with paint and colour ourselves. I liked the flower painting best as it was a nice mix of open ended but with a focus too

  • Mandy gave us ideas for lessons that were very achievable for the classroom teacher, and achievable for the kids, which would boost the children's self esteem in terms of their art ability.

  • Loved the short lessons and time to practise ! Awesome!

  • The hands on practicality and how it can be translated into the classroom

  • I enjoyed the colour mixing and playing with warm and cool colours!

  • I enjoyed all of it, particularly the practical hands on experiences.

  • Great useful suggestions and ideas and confidence building.

  • Hopefully our whole school will now be onboard and more consistent with painting


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