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Creative Matters with Tawhai Rickard

Tawhai Rickard is a contemporary New Zealand Maori artist born in Gisborne, Tūranganui-a-Kiwa, of Ngati Porou decent.

He is influenced by the epic history of his country Aotearoa, New Zealand and its historical interrelationship between Māori and Pakeha to the present day.  His work reflects the social, historical and cultural landscapes of Aotearoa - Korerō, commentary, history and stories about our journey as New Zealand.

In this episode Tawhai talks about his journey from growing up in Tairāwhiti, Gisborne, rarely seeing artwork representing his Maori culture, to becoming an artist himself. He reflects back on his first experiences drawing and how some of those ideas have been carried through to his art practice today and how he creates work to honour his Maori culture, to lift it up and to make as much noise visually as he can. Encouraging people to stop and take notice.

We discuss his interest in pop art, music, TV and movies, British and NZ pop culture, figurative paintings from his ancestorial wharenui or house and our bicultural foundations and how these things create fuel for his art practice.

Scenes from a Victorian Restaurant

Cook Discovers Aotearoa 1769

Te Kooti Arikirangi - 'I Am A God Who Saves People'

Lord Grey's Tea Party ??

Land or Continent of Great Extent

Captain Cook’s Time Machine

Space Invader Circa 1769

The Misadventures of Te Kuri - Tauranga Art Gallery 2021

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