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Creative Matters with Sean Hill

Updated: May 8, 2023

Sean is a Kiwi Samoan emerging visual artist from Auckland, currently based in New Plymouth. His art practice is influenced by graffiti as well as his heritage, everyday life and the natural environment and includes painting outdoors, graphic design, installation, paintings and prints on clothing.

As Gallerist Scott Lawrie says " Sean Hill is one of those rare discoveries - an emerging artist who was ‘doing his own thing’ while inventing a new visual language at the same time."

In this episode Sean shares his experience studying visual arts for 4 years at AUT and how he felt he didn't find his style until well after his uni days. We talk about the elements within his abstract paintings and what they represent, how he feels about showing his work in group shows, his connections with the amazing Bradley Lane Project, Auckland's longest running street art festival in Glen Innes, Tāmaki, and we discuss the amazing 8m long painting he applied directly to the wall of the Scott Lawrie Gallery and what he gained from that experience.

Sean's painting on the wall, Scott Lawrie Gallery 2022

Process shot, Scott Lawrie Gallery

Purple Hearts, Moana Artists exhibition at Scott Lawrie Gallery, Auckland 2022

17 year old Sean with his winning painting

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