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Creative Matters with Sam Mitchell

Sam Mitchell is a visual artist based in the north west of Auckland, well known for her artworks painted in acrylic on perspex in reverse and watercolour paintings.

A sassy and subversive bricolage of rescued materials, painting media and eccentric imagery are utilised by Sam to explore the potency of pictures.

This is a fascinating look into an amazing artist's life and work. There are lots of little gems and interesting perspectives in this episode which I'm sure you will take away and think more about. We have a wonderfully long chat covering everything from Sam's early work in art administration, her experiences at Hungry Creek and Elam Art Schools, her fascinating painting on perspex process, her watercolour and ceramic painting parts of her art practice, her 7 residencies and the value she places upon these kind of opportunities.

We discuss her opinion of entering art awards, her view of the current art world in Aotearoa, her views on her work and process being used in many NZ secondary schools as an artist model and how she thinks her work reflects her personality. And so much more!

Pandora, 2022

Louise Henderson, 2021

Brett (Whiteley 1939 - 1992)

Tony Fomison (1939 - 1990)

Outline of Cassandra

Cassandra 2022

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