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Creative Matters with ANNEMARIE HOPE-CROSS

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Photographic artist Annemarie Hope-Cross was born in Wellington NZ, grew up in Auckland and has lived in Alexandra, Central Otago, since 2008.

Annemarie uses three historic processes that date back 180 years to early pioneering photography techniques, some of which are referred to as camera-less photography.

Her mousetrap camera is set up outside in her back garden. It takes six to eight hours to create the images and a lot of hoping the weather does not change in the meantime.

"It can be fraught with peril but it’s the part I enjoy." says Annemarie. "It’s serendipitous but nothing is guaranteed in life."

Annemarie works intuitively; aware, but not restrained by those who have gone before. She makes images to comment, to appreciate our world and to satisfy her heart and mind. She shares her work hoping that the images she makes will speak to others.

Her work makes up the world's second-largest collection of photogenic drawings.

In August 2017 Annemarie was diagnosed with a rare triple negative, aggressive form of breast cancer at the age of 49. She wants to tell people ''the positive stories of breast cancer', of ploughing through, taking on challenge and accepting the changes cancer can bring."

As Annemarie and her husband Eric Schusser are both photographers they are in the unique position of being able to work together and put on paper the journey many go through as sufferers and carers dealing with cancer.

It was a privilege to speak with Annemarie today. Her story of her unique photographic practice and creative process and how it is connected to her journey with breast cancer is inspirational and heartwarming.

Annemarie's Beloved Mousetrap Camera

The Still Series

Thursday's Child Series

Wildflower Meadows

Photogenic Drawings

Penseroso - a musical term meaning ‘pensively, thoughtfully, meditatively’.


Cloisters Series

Earth Music

Brian Scadden's contacts for anyone interested in getting into collodion processes in NZ:

And some learning on alternative photographic processes:

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