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Creative Matters with Neville Parker - Gallerist/Artist

Neville Parker has been a full time sculptor and illustrator since 1995 and he opened his first art gallery in 1996.

Since then he has had 7 more distinctly different galleries including 1 in Auckland, 2 in Marlborough and 4 in the Nelson/Tasman region. He has represented more than 400 artists from a variety of disciplines in Aotearoa. His most recent Gallery, Church House Gallery in Motueka, opened in April this year.

Neville is interested in helping our creative community members with a desire for a sustainable career in the visual arts to not just survive but to thrive.

He is the host of the ARTWONK podcast - an art marketing show for visual artists and crafts people that unravels the problems and pitfalls of bringing products to market.

We have a super interesting chat about how Neville went from the corporate world to becoming an artist and opening his first art gallery in Lorne Street, central Auckland initially as a way to show his work. He talks about how he has benefitted from artist communities and mentors, building relationships, as well as working collaboratively and holistically. We talk about his approach to the art market, his opinion of craft art verses fine art and his recommendations to artists for approaching a Gallery with their work.

Church House Gallery, Motueka NZ

Sculpture Garden

Inside gallery spaces

Origin On Hardy Gallery

Parker Gallery

Icon Gallery, Main Gallery, Tasman

Neville's Work

Constant Need , carved forged 8mm mild steel

A Quick Buck. Carved 6mm mild steel 720mm diameter

Swirl in Whangarei town basin NZ, carved 12mm mild steel 6 meters high

Assorted spoons forged and carved

The Artwonk Podcast

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