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Creative Matters with Jenny McLeod

Jenny McLeod is a contemporary glass artist from West Auckland, NZ. She creates quality, original glass works including functional glassware, sculpture, garden art, installation and exhibition work. She enjoys using glass for a modern environment in a non-fragile way. Her two 6 cubic foot kilns in her workshop at home give her the control required to fuse and slump cut and layered sheet glass.

A lot of her work is mixed media , incorporating a variety of materials including concrete, resin beads, wood, pumice, shells, feathers and a NZ native fibre, Harakeke. Jenny enjoys working with all these materials and is inspired by their natural quality and the unlimited possibilities of combining them with glass.

Jenny's Whitianga farming upbringing on the Coromandel Peninsula in NZ, nature and the Pacific are constant reference points and inspiration for her work.

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