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Creative Matters with Fraser Williamson

Fraser Williamson a.k.a. ‘Fraz’ has had a love of art since he was a young boy and has been creating incredibly distinguishable paintings and illustrations for 35 years.

In the early 1990’s he became known as Red Shark Art and Illustration, putting his dreams and musings to canvas and his love of diversity and the quirky to paper for children’s books.

Fraser sees himself as a magpie picking up ideas and styles anywhere from Mesopotamian bas reliefs to underground comics.The ocean, family beach life, time spent in Tonga and Spain are constantly reflected in his work.

Fraser creates wondrous narrative scenes, some of which he doesn’t understand himself his art.

We had a really fun chat on a blustery Muriwai day about his wild dreams that end up making appearances in his work, the way he sits in a cafe and collects ideas from a random magazine, snippets of conversation or passers by while he's drinking his coffee, his dream of writing and illustrating his own books and his amazing narrative painting process. Amongst many other things!

I loved meeting the fabulous Fraser and I'm sure you'll enjoy and relate to many aspects of his fascinating story.



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