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Creative Matters with Pam Wildbore

Pam Wildbore is a contemporary artist from Hastings now living in Napier.

Pam is a resin and acrylic artist who began her art practice only 4 years ago. Since then she has had 7 solo shows, participated twice at the NZ Art Show with a sellout show of her work in 2023, and is currently preparing for at Art in the Park 2024.

We have such a great chat covering topics from the creativity of hairdressing and my softball fears in high school to how Pam first got her work out there and then found herself exhibiting at the NZ Art Show only 3 years later. Pam unpacks everything resin: the products she likes to use; the discoveries she has made along the way using this medium; how she adds opaque and transparent pigments; her techniques for painting with resin and how she adds layers and finishing touches to her paintings.

We also talk about things like pricing, marketing, imposter syndrome, her love of colour, her different collections and what she wants to say through her beautiful paintings - including the cheeky coded messages in her code collection works.

Pam's story as a reasonably new practising artist is inspiring and she has many helpful insights into starting an arts career.

The Code Collection

Koru Paintings

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