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Creative Matters - with Lucy Rice

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Lucy is a full time artist living in the small seaside town of Snells Beach, an hour North of Auckland, New Zealand, with her husband & 3 young children.

She studied Photography and Art at Elam School of Fine Art and spent 8 years running her own photography business (Lucy Rice Photography) before launching her painting career in early 2019.

Lucy's intuitive abstract paintings play with the idea of physical & emotional landscapes as one using glorious soft pastel tones. She is interested in the way colour balances each other on a painting & the healing properties of colour in a room. Natural earth elements, forms & metaphysics play a huge part in her work

Lucy is a beautiful person with a beautiful art practice and I'm sure you'll love listening to her story. She talks about her positive experience at art school, her passion for working with people through her photography practice, how she manages a healthy work/life balance as a full time artist with 3 young children and the ways she connects with her beloved Mum through her painting.

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