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Creative Matters Episode 19 - with Mandy Flood

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Mandy Flood is a contemporary jeweller living in Auckland, NZ. She is part of the Fingers Contemporary Gallery Collective in Auckland and exhibits her work at other galleries around New Zealand.

"Everything is on the point of decline" W.G. Sebald The aesthetics of decay and obsolescence along with the beauty of impermanence forms the impetus for Mandy's work. She takes the traditional process of enamelling and seeks to expand the preconceptions of a finished surface. It is the inclination of time found on the commonplace urban object that Mandy endeavours to express through both manipulation of metal and the indeterminate nature of enamel. The alteration of the surface is intended to draw attention to the beauty found in decline. Through wear and tear each piece will expose itself wholly to the wearer. This unpredictability of process and material is what intrigues her.

Mandy talks about her immigration to NZ from the UK, her time as an artist with Fingers, an iconic NZ Contemporary Jewellery Gallery, her mentorship within the Handshake Project and the development of her practice and process - amongst many other things!

Materials inspiration

Neckpieces, enamel, oxidised silver, handmade cord

Set in Concrete 2019 - Fingers Annual group Show 2019 Sometimes preconceptions need to be challenged. These pieces challenge preconceptions of what concrete is.

Dull 2019 necklace - Concrete, found gems, oxidised silver

Boring 2019 necklace

Concrete, enamel, oxidised silver

Grey 2019 earrings - Concrete, oxidised silver

Really??!! Should we always believe what we are told? Fingers Annual Group Show 2018

Necklace. Concrete, oxidised silver, copper

Earrings. Concrete, silver, marker

Playing with Shadows - Fingers Annual Group Show 2017

'Evening Play' Bangle and necklace. Sterling silver, copper, enamel

'Morning play' Bangle and necklace. Sterling silver

'Past 10pm' Bangle and pendant. Copper, enamel and cord $280

'Anytime' Earrings. Copper, enamel, fine silver

7am Morning Stroll Ring, Fine silver, enamel, copper

4pm Afternoon Tea Bangle, Silver and oxidised silver

7pm Evening Shadow Ring, Enamel, copper, silver brass

'Just The Packaging' Necklace Copper, enamel, silver

Photographs courtesy of Michael Couper

The Handshake Mentoring Programme

Melbourne Contemporary Jewellery and Object Biennial

Nelson Jewellery Week "Chains of Reaction"

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