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Creative Matters with Valerie Auersperg

Valerie Auersperg, also known as Valerism and I Am Valerism, is an Austrian artist living in Aotearoa and is now a NZ resident. Valeries creates acrylic paintings and digital drawings depicting pop-surreal scenes in a colourful, dream-like manner. Her work brings a smile and sense of wonder to the viewer.

Valerie explores the world inside and around herself, pairing the expected with the unusual. She focuses on themes such as memory (real and perceived), pop culture and mental health. Her work is a whimsical commentary on how our inner journeys, moods and situations are something that connect us.

Valerie is a self-taught artist who has worked in fashion, animation and advertising. Art has always been her passion and side hustle and finally she took the leap to become a full-time artist in 2020.

We have a really fun insightful chat about how Valerie processes her pregnancy through her work, the potentials of NFTs, the reasons why some of her characters are masked and how she uses symbolism and narratives to express herself. Like her work, this episode will make you smile I'm sure. Enjoy!



Public Art

Favourite artists:

Ashley Longshore

Sage Barnes

Dabs and Myla

Kyla Mahaffey

NZ Artists

Rebecca Ter Borg


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