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Creative Matters with Rachael Mayne

Rachael Mayne is an artist with a passion for wild flower fields, gardens and all things floral, living in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland. Rachael juggles a career as a clinical psychologist and a professional artist, as well as being the mother of 2 young children.

Rachael mainly paints impressionistic and abstract pieces and draws inspiration from the colours and forms surrounding us in nature. She loves to experiment with new colour palettes, as demonstrated in her vibrant abstract pieces. Rachael is also fascinated by the use of light, layers, and texture, and how this can be used to portray depth.

In this episode we discuss how she manages her clinical psychology practice and her art practice, how one of her 3 second reels on Instagram went viral with 7 million views which created 30,000 more followers, her love of colour and light and the experience of approaching an art gallery with her work for the very first time.

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