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Creative Matters with Naomi Azoulay from POPUP

Updated: May 26

POPUP is a versatile platform for artists, organisations, and venues in Aotearoa to produce their own online experiences. Born out of years of online event production, POPUP allows users to effortlessly create and manage their online events.

The platform's immersive virtual spaces facilitate serendipitous encounters and meaningful interactions. From customisable environments to interactive features such as video chat and spatialised sound, POPUP empowers users to curate memorable experiences tailored to their unique visions. Additionally, the platform prioritises ease of use, ensuring everyone can participate fully in the digital realm.

Artist Naomi Azoulay, who I spoke to on the podcast in episode 106, talks about this amazing virtual resource for artists, what it offers, how it works, who could use it and why and how she can help you set up your very own virtual meeting, exhibition, event, interview, or party. I'm already working on my own virtual space for the podcast, with the help of Naomi, and I can't wait to see what we can do with this exciting way of communicating and sharing the work we do.

Naomi Azoulay

Examples of POPUP virtual 'venues'

Naomi's Gallery venue

Contact Naomi Azoulay for an initial chat, ideas and support

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