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Creative Matters with Lauren Kitts

Lauren Kitts is a sculptor living in the Tasman area at the top of the South Island who works mostly in stone but also in bronze and wood.

Lauren has gained international recognition as a professional sculptor over the last 30 years. She exhibits on a regular basis and now has her own sculpture gallery in the Tasman area on her 13 acre property.

Her inspiration is the natural world where form and all its complexities abound. She explores the connection between the material world and the “unseen” and is concerned with the nature of uncertainty and man made climate change, which is expressed in many of her new works.

Lauren has a fascinating practice and I really loved hearing her story. We talk about her deep connection with stone and her passion for form, how she sources some of the stone she uses from a local river and Takaka Mountain, her stone carving process, the tools she uses and the endless source of inspiration she gets from positive and negative form.




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Christopher Kitts
Christopher Kitts
Oct 14, 2022

Thank you Mandy, my sister's fantastic art has been an endless joy for me, so I'm glad to see her getting some well deserved recognition Christopher Kitts (Los Osos, CA)

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