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Creative Matters with Kathryn Wilson

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Kathryn Wilson is NZ’s most successful shoe designer. She created her brand Kathryn Wilson at the age of 23 in 2003 with a dream to “make beautiful shoes for cool people” and go big. And that she certainly did!

Kathryn Wilson is now an internationally renowned footwear brand, a household name in NZ and one of NZ’s fastest-growing fashion brands

Kathryn hosted a New Zealand first, exclusive footwear runway show at New Zealand Fashion Week in 2010 and In 2011 she opened her first retail store in the form of a pop-up shoe box that travelled New Zealand, which was later joined by three stand-alone boutiques in Auckland and recently a fourth store in Wellington. She has a large, ever growing online presence and following through her website and social media.

Kathryn is a well respected business woman leader, ambassador, entrepreneur and known for her generosity in sharing her knowledge, skills, time and acute business acumen.

Hear great stories of her life and creative journey including the shoe design competitions her and her sisters would have using the shoes bought for them by her Mum from Para Rubber; sweeping the floors and doing the ironing for Karen Walker as a teenager, hanging out with Jimmy Choo; her shoe preferences and favourite KW shoe of all time - and so much more!

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First pop up retail store

Britomart (Auckland) Store

Newmarket (Auckland) Store

Herne Bay (Auckland) Store

Wellington Store

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