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Creative Matters with Jamie Chapman

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Jamie Chapman is a painter based in Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland. He was born in the United Kingdom and immigrated with his family to New Zealand when he was 2 years old, settling and growing up in Whangarei.

Jamie talks about his figurative oil paintings and how they have evolved over the years into different 'series' of portrait works. He shares how he likes to "shift it up" and challenge himself to loosen up in his painting process, partly because he doesn't like to get bored and partly because he enjoys exploring new ideas and techniques. He loves to surprise himself and the viewers of his work and the he likes the idea that people coming to his shows might be wondering what they will see from him this time.

Jamie is passionate about paint as a medium and the process of painting. He takes us through his different painting approaches and talks about the magic he feels when leaving his own paint marks in his work.

We discuss his side hustle business The Picture Hanger where he curates and hangs work for galleries and private clients, which he finds inspiring and a good way to get out of the studio and interact with other art lovers.

Jamie shows his work at Foenander Gallery in Auckland and Boyd Dunlop Gallery in Napier.

Self Portraits

"Cloud' paintings

The 'Tramadol' series

'Iso' Series

'Politician' series

Earlier work

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