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Creative Matters: Episode 8 - with Marion Stutz

Marion Stutz is a painter living in Huapai, Auckland NZ.

In the last 5 years she has gone from being a creative interested in art with a great appreciation for all things arty and a love of making to a practising artist who already has her first solo show under her belt.

"Marion is not ‘naive’ to the art world visually or intellectually, her works however inhabit the beautiful traits of the naive or ‘outsider’ artist. Humble and homely narratives, simplistic yet consciously considered painting techniques and familiarly quaint subject matter. Her works are reminiscent of Henri Matisse, flat interior planes, joyful blocks of colour and patterned linier capabilities." Yvonne Abercrombie, Kumeu Arts

Marion (Maz) is inspired by artists Henri Matisse, Mark Chagall, Brett Whiteley, Rita Angus, Gustav Klimt, Olaf Hajek, Ken Done, Margaret Preston and the Pre-Raphaelites.

"The more I paint the more I realise I have to learn." Marion's story is very inspiring, particularly for people starting their creative journey. Check it on on our podcast below or listen through your favourite podcast provider.



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