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Creative Matters Episode 10 - With Jago Neal

Jago Neal is a mixed media artist, illustrator and photographer originally from London. He now resides in West Auckland New Zealand.

Jago has a small studio at home which also serves as a darkroom. He often incorporates photography into his practice or integrates it with other methods of drawing, collage or painting.

"I draw, paint and photograph the world as a form of expression, to help make sense of it, to stay calm and to feed my imagination and my soul. The work I create and the media I use depends on my mood, my environment, my time and what I want to achieve. I try not to pigeon hole myself into a box or category as that would limit my art and my enjoyment of it."

Ever since Jago was a young boy, he has had a powerful need to draw and make. His story is one of vulnerability, emigration and a wonderfully diverse practise - you can hear all about his creative life and philosophies on our Creative Matters podcast - EPISODE 10


Drawings and Illustration


Mixed Media

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