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Creative Matters: Episode 1 with Tanya Blong

Updated: Mar 17

Tanya is a full time artist and a mother of one, living at Muriwai Beach, North West of Auckland NZ.

Tanya shares many insightful thoughts and ideas and I'm quite sure you will find something in her story to inspire and inform your creative journey or your life in general. She discusses her childhood, her private inner world, her travel, her art studies, her sculpture and painting, her process and her art practice.

And she even has a big secret to share with us!

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Sculpture formed the basis of Tanya’s work for several years, working predominantly in wood. The figurative forms related to navigation and ocean faring cultures.

These days painting forms the direction of her work with series like The Bathers, Be Still Life and the Architectural paintings.

The Bathers Collection

Be Still Life Collection

Celebrating the history of Still Lifes and the mementos we choose to keep in our lives, along with the act of slowing life down and appreciating the small moments.

"It's such an absolute privilege to be able to see the world in this way, in turn I hope I can relay the insights to the viewer, who then forever looks at a subject with new light."

The Architectural Collection

Public Art Projects

Current Works



Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tanyablong

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Artist-Tanya-Blong



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