Enrolmy for Educators

We are using the a mobile phone app provided by Enrolmy to view the details of the children in your classes. Please download the app from Google Play (Android phone) or the App Store (iphone). It is entitled 'Enrolmy for Providers'.

When to use this App

Class details become visible on the day the class begins. We recommend you visit the App on the day of your class each week as new students may have been added and others may have occasionally dropped out of the class.


Classes close for new students on week 3 of each term so it's very unlikely new children will be added after this point. However student details can be updated at any time throughout the term.


There is no facility to download or print the student lists from the App. If you need a hard copy for any reason please email bookings@creativematters.co.nz. Please be aware that this hard copy is only correct at the moment it's downloaded from Enrolmy so could become outdated at any time.

Once you have downloaded the app you will be able to log in using the email address and password you set up when your were first invited to join Enrolmy.

The first screen you see after log in will be your current class(es).

When you click on a class you will see a list of students. This will include students on the Waiting List too. If you want to see only the students that are attending then click on the 'Sign In/Sign Out' icon near the bottom of the screen.


Please note that we are not using this feature to sign in and out - we will use a printed sheet that caregivers sign each week. We are just using it to separate attendees from the wait listed children.

To see the details for an individual student, click on their name. To go back to the student list click the arrow at the top left corner.

Various useful options will appear at the top of the screen when you click the 'info' icon near the bottom of the student list page. These summarise allergies, health information, authorised and unathourised pickups and photo permissions.

If you need any helping setting this up, please contact bookings@creativematters.co.nz.

Mandy Jakich CEO




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