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Tell Me A Story - Term Overview

Artists tell many stories in many different ways.

We have created a cross curricular term overview which is perfect for an entire term of literacy and visual arts, suited to first term themes of identity and storytelling.


This plan was written for our after school art workshops last term for students aged 5 - 13, and has been written, tested and refined by Mandy, an experienced primary school teacher and CEO of Creative Matters.


  • Explore and experiment with ideas of stories in art inspired by artists Richard Killeen (NZ) James Rizzi (US) and John Pule (NZ).
  • Create works of art that tell personal stories in different ways: of family, culture, important events and identity through the use of symbols such as objects, colour, scale, composition, scale, line, shape and pattern.
  • Explore and develop visual arts skills and techniques such as painting, colour making, drawing and designing - using inks, dyes, acrylic paint, pencil, oil pastels, watercolour pencils and watercolour paint, mixed media.
  • Develop oral and written literacy skills in connection with the visual arts learning. Tell personal stories, reflect on the process and final works in small groups, write personal narratives to match an artwork, interpret other people's artwork and talk or write about it, create titles and labels for artworks, write descriptions of personal artwork, a friend's work or an artists's work, write explanations for a creative process, research an artist and write about him/her...the list goes on!

Tell Me A Story - Term Overview

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