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Creative Matters with Aimée Ralfini

Auckland based Aimée Ralfini is an artist, design director and the founder of Art Ache.

As an artist Aimée works in the digital space, collaborating with other artists to create “campaigns” of their work.

Art Ache believes art is the most potent form of communication and artists are the litmus paper of society. It aims to make art and culture part of the everyday conversation and aims to assist intellectual and creative development, for the betterment of the local community and national identity.

In this episode we talk about: how she loves to poke the bear; how and why she founded Art Ache; Aimée's techniques for drawing people into the Auckland art scene and engaging with art; her marketing, writing, presenting, promoting and curating approaches; how she handles the trolls and her art activation campaigns throughout Aotearoa.

Billboard Campaigns

Aimee Ralfini, Digital Art, Marigolds for Art Ache 2022. Christchurch.

Emma Bass, Solar Power, 2022. LUMO Digital billboard.

Bonco, 5:15, Grey Lynn. 2021. Photo by Billy Baxter

Janet Lilo and Billy Apple for Art Ache. 2019-2020.

Evie Kemp. Photo by Billy Baxter. The Joy Campaign – Art Ache 2020

Camper van Art Gallery - Vallery

Snatch-a-snatch art gift gorilla campaign with Evie Kemp.

Goldie in Studio with Art Ache

Aimée Ralfini

Art Ache

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