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Creative Matters 

For schools

Specialist Art Programmes

Creative Matters offer unique specialist art programmes, where a qualified artist/educator visits your school and delivers curriculum based, creative lessons that develop the creative process - carefully designed to suit the needs of your learners and current curriculum focuses.

We can:

  • teach in a classroom while the teacher observes as a special PD experience

  • teach small groups of children as an extension/CWSA programme

  • teach a whole team, each class for part of the day, over a number of days

  • Customise a specialist programme to suit


Murals in Schools

Creative Matters provide murals in schools projects, where a qualified artist/educator will work alongside a group of children to produce a collaborative piece of artwork.

Murals in schools projects are:

  • Designed purposefully to suit your visual arts programme and school environment

  • Linked directly to the New Zealand Curriculum

  • A great potential extension experience for talented budding artists

  • Perfect for school legacy and beautification projects 

Matua Ngaru School

This Murals in Schools project, led by our talented artist/educator Tanya Blong, was created by year 7/8 students as part of their visual arts programme.

The school was keen for the learners to create a legacy project for the first foundation year of this wonderful, brand new school in Huapai.