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Creative Matters with Vanessa Fong

Updated: Oct 17, 2021


Vanessa is a young Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland artist who gained a fine arts degree at 20 years old and has worked in Art Galleries and art education since then. She is now 27 and celebrating ONE year in business selling her intricately handmade clay earrings through her Dewdrops brand, informed by her fine art practice in sculpture and installation and her love of painting.

Vanessa started making earrings during the first COVID lockdown in 2020 as a creative hobby and suddenly found herself obsessed with polymer clay.

Her website and first collection was launched in Spring 2020 and she received so much encouraging support, firstly from friends and family and then from further afield and she hasn’t looked back.

A year ago Vanessa never imagined she would be stocking her creations in gallery shops, promoting herself and her brand, running workshops, managing a creative business, creating look books and newsletters to customers and selling her creations to people all over NZ.

Vanessa’s story of her creative practice, process and business will be especially fascinating for young art students and people interested in starting a creative business, as well as creatives who love a good story and want to feel inspired.


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Vanessa Fong

The Process


Abstract Floral

Botannical (Inspired by artist Fanny Osbourne)

Colour Me




Custom Work

Dewdrops Website

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