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Creative Matters with Tiffany Singh

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Tiffany Singh is a social practice artist, specialising in socially engaged art outcomes. Her practice explores relationships & engagement between arts, culture, health & well-being. She was born in Aotearoa New Zealand of Indian and Pacific decent and is currently living in London UK.

Tiffany's work positions the arts as a vital contributor to health and well-being by utilising a fine art framework. Her interest in cultural preservation combined with an integrated social discourse has seen her use the arts as a vehicle for education, outreach & empowerment.

Tiffany talks about her priority to make work that facilitates other people to be seen and heard, how she highlights and empowers marginalised communities, how her Buddhism beliefs and culture inform her practice and the ways she uses colour, space, materiality, sound and scent to connect and communicate.

Sydney Biennale 2012

Indras Bow - Te Papa

The Journey of a Million Miles - Headland Sculpture of the Gulf 2017

Inner World - Shadows of the Awakened 2020

In Touch Asia NZ Commission 2022

Fly Me Up To Where You Are 2012 - ongoing

May the Rainbow always touch your shoulder, Auckland Art Gallery 2012

Total Internal Reflection - Te Papa

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