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Creative Matters with Shane Hansen

Shane Hansen is an artist, a designer of graphics, furniture and fashion, a loving husband and doting Dad to two boys.

Born in New Zealand in the 1970s, he is of Maori (Tainui, Ngaati Mahanga, Ngaati Hine), Chinese, Danish and Scottish descent. Shane is the benefactor of a life lived long and well in Aotearoa. The country is in his blood, in his heart and in his art.

Shane’s creations spring from the characters, creatures, moods, memories and moments lying deep within the country he calls home. His artistic world is one of bold colours, modern Māori motifs, optimism and clarity inspired by his multi-cultural heritage and an admiration for pop-art, strong graphics and a profound appreciation of the landscapes that surround him.

As well as depicting the various shapes and tones of Aotearoa, Shane’s works also represent ideas about who he is, where he comes from and how he fits into the country he grew up in. Shane describes his work aptly: “it’s therapy, kai for the mind and soul”.

His work has become a channel for an on-going examination of his multi-cultural heritage and he is determined to continue pushing the parameters of what he can express and achieve through it.

Shane speaks generously of how he manages his mental health through his art and the way he lives, his varied design and art making practice, his passion for giving back and yes, his stint on NZ TV as the host of Design Junkies. It made my morning meeting Shane today and I'm sure you'll find his story inspiring.

Creatives in Schools Project

Pop Tiki neon works

Fencepost Sculpture (Pou)

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