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Creative Matters with Sean Beldon

Sean Beldon is a South African born, Auckland-based artist best known for his large New Zealand landscape paintings. His style is mostly painterly with a modernist feel.

For more than a decade, Sean has been photographing and painting landscapes from the far north to the deep south of Aotearoa. He finds his inspiration on road trips throughout the country and only paints places he has been. Even though his compositions will be quite abstract at times, the scene always originate with what he sees through the camera’s viewfinder – his primary canvas - and every painting has a story to tell.

Sean is a wonderful storyteller. In this episode he talks from the heart about his ancestry and how that connects to his current work, the story behind his use of and connection to clay oxen and how he incorporates them into his art practice. He describes his painting style and how he doesn't think of himself as an abstract artist despite his work being quite abstract. He speaks of his appreciation of colour, how he makes his own colours, his incredible attention to tonal qualities and how he sees colour almost as a form of communication.

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