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Creative Matters with Sarah Oostendorp

Sarah Oostendorp is a contemporary emerging artist from Southland Aotearoa and currently living in Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland. Her art practice focuses on the state of mind whilst in the midst of creating labour-intensive drawings of repeated circular movements using paint.

Viewers are provoked to create their own narrative in the drawing, as figures, landscapes and textures begin to appear amongst the circles.

Sarah talks from the heart about how her unusual upbringing in a small rural town in Southland and her parents (who are outsider artists) have influenced the way she works and the work she creates, an "out of this world" experience she had in her early twenties that has shaped her as a person and an artist, her fascination for drawing circles, and how her practice is essential in helping her deal with change, her emotions and her general well being. Sarah's story is incredible and I have so much respect for her practice and her positive mindset.

It's Me, Self Portrait

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