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Creative Matters with Sarah Barton-Hills

Sarah Barton-Hills is a painter and photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand.

As a girl, Sarah was drawn to pattern, colour & texture. She constantly drew, sculpted, photographed, sewed and created with fabric to express her deep fascination with these elements, inspired by her NZ bush clad Waitakere surroundings.

Through her career in fashion and textile design, retail, visual merchandising & interiors she has honed her eye for detail, layout, design & colour. As her children have become more independent, Sarah has returned to her love of art, primarily embracing her painting and photography practices.

Sarah's Still Life, Portrait and Landscape paintings are rich and gorgeous and full of joy. Her appreciation for nature, texture, colour & light are revealed in her vibrant tactile pieces.

In this episode we discuss how beautiful as well as traumatic experiences have informed her creative perspective on life and how she managed to finally devote herself to a full time art practice. I loved talking to Sarah and I'm sure you'll enjoy hearing her touching story.





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