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Creative Matters with Rebecca Hazard

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

A young emerging artist currently based in Tãmaki Makaurau Auckland, working primarily with oil paints.

Rebecca's work currently references raw meat to investigate our tangibility within existence and her own social concerns, offering the viewer a moment of mindfulness and philosophical reflection.

Her oil paintings are large scale with a limited palette of vibrant colour. Although the works are fundamentally representational there is also a distinct abstract, surrealist and sometimes geometric feel to her paintings.

Rebecca talks about her decision not to attend an art school after leaving school; her expectation of and drive to becoming a practising artist from the age of 19; how reading philosophy, researching and writing influence her practice; the different ways viewers see and respond to her work; and what drives her to make the work she makes.


Oil on unstretched canvas, with steel eyelets 2200H x 1800mm

Campylobacter, 2022

Oil on unstretched canvas, with steel eyelets

2215H x 1800mm

TWINS, 2021

Oil on unstretched canvas, with steel eyelets 2300H x 1800mm

Earlier Works

'The Price of the Lamb Loin Chop'

Oil on Wood / Huile sur Bois,

420 x 595mm

'Mourning' ,

Oil on Wood / Huile sur Bois

600 x 1200mm

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