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Creative Matters with Olivia Asher

Olivia is an emerging multidisciplinary artist currently studying at Auckland University's Elam School of Fine Arts.

In this episode Olivia shares her experiences as a second year student at Elam. We talk about how the school is set up, the application process, the papers and electives offered in different semesters, the recording and assessment systems, the critiques, what she finds inspiring and challenging about studying at Elam and what she her goals are for the future.

Olivia's art practice currently focuses on the process of making rather than the resolved image, exploring her own vulnerability she allows her materials to dictate their outcome. Her subject matter blurs between whimsical and melancholy, often creating abstracted and figurative windows into her serene and flamboyant world.

Work created by Olivia in the second year of study at Elam School of Fine Arts

Solo show at Elam Projectspace 2022

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