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Creative Matters with Mandy Rodger

Mandy Rodger is a contemporary abstract artist based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Mandy's first career was in law and in 2014 she began studying painting and drawing at Browne School of Art. Since 2017 her art practice has been her main focus and she hasn't looked back..

Mandy's abstract paintings are characterised by fluid moves and sweeping energy flows made up of spontaneous dynamic gestures. She is motivated by the way painting allows her intuition to come to the forefront of logic. She intertwines embodied subjectivity, emotions and senses with intentional paint application. She explores colour, space and the materiality of the paint itself.

We discuss why and how she ended up moving away from law into making art, how entering art awards and school art shows have helped her develop her career and build her audience and her beautiful gestural painting process. Mandy speaks fondly about her positive experience studying visual arts part time over 4 years at Browne School of Art in Auckland which kick started her artist career, her latest independent group show at Allpress Studios and how she approaches the business side of her practice.

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