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Creative Matters with Lucy Melville

Lucy Melville is a painter, creative entrepreneur, business coach and Mum based in Mt Maunganui.

Lucy’s work centres around energetic geometric shapes with strong, vibrant colour. Her latest work features some of the most stunning birds found on earth combined with shape and contrasting colour to reflect their spiritual meaning.

As well as managing a busy full time art practice Lucy is on a mission to help artists learn the skills to share and sell their art with confidence, combining the key business skills she learnt in her 15 year corporate career and experience from building her own art business over the last 5 years.

Her UNLEASH YOUR ART membership programme, 1-1 business coaching and artist courses are designed to support artists to learn the skills to enable them to share and sell their art with confidence, feel good about what they do and connect with other like minded people.

This episode will be especially interesting for artists who are looking for support managing the business side of their art practice.

Lucy and I have a great chat about how her 15 year corporate career has informed her approach to her art practice and creative business, how a head injury changed her attitude to her life and work, the ways geometric shape and form inspire her so much and her amazing mentoring programme she has developed for artists.

Small But Mighty Series

Light in Flight Series

New Beginnings Series

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