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Creative Matters with Kate Hursthouse

Kate Hursthouse is a New Zealand artist, illustrator, creative entrepreneur and mother of one living in Te Atatū Peninsula, Aotearoa NZ.

She is on a mission to help women find their own place of joy and calm through colour and creativity.

Kate has a background in architecture and design and has been running her creative business since 2014. Her work has taken a number of forms over the years, from contemporary artworks, calligraphy and commercial illustrations to an illustrated children’s book, colourful abstract paintings and large scale hand-painted murals.

Kate is currently working on The Colourful World of Kate, a suite of online art courses brought to you from inside Kate's studio, into the sanctuary she has within her studio walls which is full of colour and play. Kate believes Art and colour is therapeutic and good for the soul and creating has helped her through some of the most challenging years of her life.

2022 also saw Kate dive into the whole new world of podcasting. The Creative Mother Podcast features interviews with creative women from a range of professions, who are also mothers. Artists, designers, musicians, film makers, fashion designers and other creative Mums talk to Kate about the impact of motherhood on their creativity and business. I'm really enjoying this podcast and I think you will too!

Kate talks about the development of her small creative business and all the things she's learnt as a business owner; her development from architecture to design and illustration through to her current abstract painting practice; how she got to be the host of her very own podcast and her philosophies on how changes in circumstances are there to feed change to your perspective and to keep you learning.




Macrame holder in collaboration with Composed Confusion


A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies & other such collective nouns

Image credit: Ann Orman

Podcast - found on all your favourite podcast apps or through Kate's website (see link below)

Whale Tail for WWF - New Zealand 2022

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