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Creative Matters with Julie and Michael Freeman

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Julie and Michael Freeman are award winning hyper realistic pastel artists living in Auckland NZ.

​Julie is currently creating work with the intent of realism beyond the photograph. Her subject matter is varied, from coastal and nautical to the natural fauna and flora of NZ, but if asked she would say she has an affinity with painting animals.

Michael’s subjects range from his current series of still life paintings featuring iconic New Zealand toys and objects, through to landscapes featuring old weathered sheds, barns, railway carriages, windows and doors, old locks, and farm animals (mainly cows) – all inspired by his photographic trips along New Zealand's roads with his lovely wife Julie.

It was such a pleasure to meet Julie and Michael on a gorgeous Muriwai day. We discuss the similarities and differences between their practices and creative process, the ins and outs of sharing a studio space and teaching together as a couple and the different ways they like to work. They talk about how they have built and connect to their audience on an international level and how the competitions they enter and pastel societies they belong to contribute so much to their success and artistic careers. They both demystify the pastel process and make really interesting comment about how hyper realist artists and pastel artists are viewed by some within the hierarchy of the art world.

The 2 works we spoke about in the podcast - Julie's then Michael's

Hmm? ( Hyperrealism maligned and misunderstood)

Julie Freeman

Michael Freeman

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