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Creative Matters with Judith Milner


Judith Milner is a portrait and figurative painter living in Auckland NZ.

After studying law, psychology and art history at the University of Auckland, Judith worked as a commercial lawyer for 13 years before re-connecting with her love of painting while taking a break to focus on caring for her two young children.

Judith has always been drawn to the quiet contemplation of portraiture: the opportunity to read a face, to reflect on the sitter’s interior and, through the process of painting, to try to capture something of their essential character, something more than a superficial likeness. She seeks to combine a naturalistic, descriptive approach with a more painterly and expressive style.

Judith's figurative paintings are inspired by nostalgia for old, informal photographs, far removed from today’s highly doctored digital images that are immediately and continually available.

Judith tells a fascinating story of her creative journey and shares insights into the ways she explores stories of the past, relationships, personalities, connections, equality and inclusion through her beautiful paintings.


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Judith Milner


Children's Portraits

Commission for Roots of Empathy

BSA End of Year Show 2020

Figurative Paintings

Other Paintings

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