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Creative Matters with Josh Lancaster

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Josh Lancaster paints the places and buildings New Zealanders know and love.

"I do this by trying to capture the essence of a familiar place" says Josh " be it someone’s dairy, beach, view, flat, island, road, takeaway shop, family bach or simply just the memory of one. These are the places we cherish - the iconic moments that make up who we are. They are an agent for fond memories, stories, feelings. Collectively we love these places for what they remind us of – they connect us."

In 2015 Josh made the decision to leave a highly successful career in advertising to follow his dream of being an artist and is now a full time painter living in the Hawkes Bay with his 3 sons Lennox, Archie and Spike.

We have a great (long!) chat about the intricacies of a creative career in advertising, how he made the challenging shift to becoming a full time artist, the NZ artists who inspire him, his connection to places, buildings, text and branding and why he doesn't like to add people to his paintings.

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