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Creative Matters with John Botton

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

John Botton is a fine art photographer and a digital giclée inkjet printer who immigrated from South Africa to New Zealand in 2014. He's also an entrepreneur and self confessed 'Tech Geek' and is the founder and CEO of Print Art: Fine Art Imaging - a company well known and loved by many NZ artists.

In John's words "the creative process has always been a weird and wonderful thing to experience. Sometimes it is spontaneous. Sometimes it is the culmination of a long and winding cerebral process. Sometimes it is empirical in nature. Sometimes it is a re-examination of the experience of another artists work. But, it is always underpinned by a feeling."

John is a true supporter of artists and their process. He sees his fine art printing business as much as a printing business as an "enabling business" for artists and photographers. He's a people person and has created a community amongst NZ artists and his business is like part of the family for many New Zealand artists.

John speaks of his passion for Namibia, the dichotomy of desert environments, his small business learning curves, marrying the "technical geek" with the creative, his perception of failure, the importance of having a mentor, how the artists he works with inspire him and the strong community he has built with NZ artists - amongst many other things. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed talking with John.

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