Creative Matters with Jannine Wilkinson and Ann Orman

Updated: Oct 25, 2021


Introducing - Spirit: Conversations with Creative Women

IT ALL BEGAN WHEN….an idea was sparked between two friends, writer Jannine Wilkinson and photographer Ann Orman, to produce a book celebrating creative women in New Zealand. This week the result of this powerful union and vision comes to fruition, with the release of their book Spirit Conversations with Creative Women.

Jannine and Ann worked their way across New Zealand to talk to and photograph 34 creative women and learn the stories of their life, their work and the challenges they have faced when following their passion.

Ann Orman is a commercial photographer based in Auckland, NZ.

Ann Started her photography practice 20 years ago and had a number of solo exhibitions.These were so successful that in 2008 she decided to quit her job, sell up everything and move to Paris to study photography for several years.

She has a love of visual story telling and in-particular capturing artisans - especially throughout the south pacific. This book has been a dream of hers to create for over 15years - to celebrate many of her creative female friends around NZ - and many of whom are in the book.

Her love of capturing the detail in images is evident in all her work and she believes an image should make you stop and breathe, and feel something you’ve never felt before.

For as long as Jannine Wilkinson can remember, she has always had a love of books.

Jannine would be either transported to another world, or learning something and finding exciting new words. For just as long, she has wanted to write a book. She has many unfinished attempts behind her but it was when Jannine met Ann Orman that the reality of writing a book came to life.

This book has been a partnership of a shared vision and a lot of passion to keep going until the end. This is Jannine's first book, and has been, sometimes, an emotional journey to release her writing out into the world. Now she feels there might just be another book waiting around the corner.....

Jannine Wilkinson Ann Orman

Some of the creative women you'll meet in the book