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Creative Matters with Janet Hafoka

Janet Hafoka is a visual artist based in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland, working primarily in the medium of photography. Her art practice focuses on transience and time passing.

Her current work explores both the uncertainty and beauty in the short lived. The centuries old fascination with the ‘golden hour’ is referenced, known as the brief period after sunrise and before sunset when the sun casts a golden light.

With decaying leaves and seed pods illuminated, falling and in flight, her current images seek to breathe life into nature past its prime. Through this process her work highlights value where existence is temporary. It also questions how we depict and remember that which is no longer.

Janet shares her experience returning to her passion for the arts and completing a degree in visual arts in her early 40s. We discuss how she discovered her love of photography, how light, skies, movement and decay influence her work and her magpie qualities and love of collecting things.

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